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Bewitched, Bedeviled, and Belladonna'd Is Here!

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Which witch will bring home the prize in the Halloween Bash’s cocktail contest and continue the winning streak for Clan Magic? Ryan Murphy is sure it’s him until he sees the real competition—longtime rival, Teresa Belladonna.

When a spell spells disaster for their drinks, will these frenemies remain warring witches, or will they team up to win the contest…and possibly triumph in the bigger game of love?

My fellow #EnchantedRockImmortals authors also have a free book for you! See what else is happening at the All-Clan Halloween Bash!

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Eve Cole's A Fae's Weapon

Fae Meira Lux has longed for the enigmatic Telum Creare for a sprite's age and Mingo's Halloween bash is just the place to make her move. Yet Fate seems to have other plans when she finds herself trapped in a closet with a random male whose personality and humor tug at her heart. Which fae should Meira choose--the sexy, elusive Telum, or the mysterious stranger?

When a wolverine shifter returns to Enchanted Rock and runs into her ex at the year’s biggest paranormal Halloween party, fate provides another chance at love—but only if they can both find forgiveness in their hearts.

Sharla Wylde's A Mermaid's Affair

Princess Aurora loves Cai, her mother’s royal bodyguard, but he only sees her as the next in line to the throne. Hands off. Time for Aurora to pull on her big girl panties, wiggle into a curve-hugging mermaid costume, and capture Cai’s attention at Mingo’s Halloween Bash.

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