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#EnchantedRockImmortals--A New Release and a New Author!

A Mermaid's Quest, the newest novella in the #EnchantedRockImmortals world, releases October 5, 2021, exclusively on Amazon. Sharla Wylde, an award-winning author of paranormal romance, erotic romance, and romantic suspense, joins our team with this release.

Welcome, Sharla!

(Click Cover to Purchase)

What you'll find inside these pages...

Hidden for millennia, Atlantis is on the brink of collapsing. In an effort to save her world, Zephyr Vasiliki, second-in-command of Atlantis’ military, travels to Enchanted Rock to find someone who can repair the failing dome. Except her initial confrontation with the outside world is disastrous and has her fleeing into the arms of a small-town history teacher. With no escape in sight, she must rely on his assistance.

Edmund Abernathy is fed up with his life. Being a half-assed elemental, he believes he will never live up to the high standards set by Clan Magic. Prepared to leave Illusion, Texas and start over, he rethinks his strategy when he encounters a woman in need of protection. Surprising himself, he offers her a safe house and soon discovers she’s a mermaid.

Between overzealous security, unstable magic, and a mysterious past, will they survive and discover the one person who can save Atlantis? Is love even an option with one born in the deep ocean and the other terrified of water?

We're so excited to add Sharla to our team of authors--Welcome to the Rock!

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