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Getting Together With the Gang

Attempt two of meeting with the #EnchantedRockImmortals team (attempt one was before the holidays) happened last weekend.

Unfortunately, Robin Lynn was ill, so she couldn't attend.

(From left to right: Sharla Wylde, Eve Cole, yours truly, and Amanda Reid.)

We ate, we laughed, we planned and plotted (mwa ha ha), and we exchanged gifts.

Writers give each other fun, personalized prezzies. I have soft, comfy socks, a desk piece referencing my coffee obsession, a 'writer's block' about Jane Austen along with a matching book bag, a new notebook for jotting down story ideas, a candle, and a new wall piece (see below).

While I adore my gifts, I value the time with my friends more.

These women are the present.

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