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Halloween Author Pics...Behind the Story

About two years ago, in the happy pre-COVID days when you didn't think twice about going to a photographer's home for a photo session, four paranormal romance authors (I'm one of the four) went to get our author pics taken.

We were hoping for normal headshots, but the photographer had a personal penchant for interesting props and weapons in his work, so we included those on a whim.

I feel I should mention we paid him in booze. Top tier booze, to be fair, but booze nonetheless. The alcohol influenced the pics.

I present to you a compilation from that session:

(The one with the scythe is my fave.)

While we had a lot of fun, none of the headshots would work for my author bios, so I bring these out at #Halloween...because they're humorous and remind me of an entertaining day.

As we approach Halloween, I post a new graphic every Thursday on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Coming soon to a social media near you...another pic.

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