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It's Spring--Let's Head for the Closet!

Spring is my favorite season. I love the breezes, the temperatures, and the flowers blooming. Texas is a glorious place to be in the spring.

What I don't love about spring in Texas is the start of tornado season.

On Sunday, the official start of the season, we had gorgeous blue skies.

Yesterday, we had this...and a tornado warning. (Warning, not watch. Tornado sirens everywhere.)

For over an hour, we hung out with the dogs in the closet. One of them cried to the tune of the tornado warning sirens. A joyous time was had by all.

After the storm, we saw this...

(Photo courtesy of my friend and neighbor, Leslie Stuart.)

Bad times end, the sun comes out, and we start the day anew. I needed this reminder today. May you have a rainbow day on this glorious (sunny!) Tuesday.

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