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May I Recommend the Following Pre-order?

My friend Amanda Reid's novella, The Shifter's Savior, is up on Amazon for pre-order. The book releases May 4th and is the next novella in the #EnchantedRockImmortals world.


Coyote shifter Jonah Frazier is twice-cursed. Bound to Razelle, the evil former Clan Sanguis queen, and with a face identical to his mass murdering twin brother, he can’t risk discovery by the paranormal community. He believes he’s safe and free of Razelle’s control in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. But if a tenacious and beautiful reporter can track him down, the deposed queen will be next and his free-will lost once more.

Human paranormal Laykin Powell stole a dangerous memory, discovering a shifter the North American Council supposedly terminated is really alive and is again slaughtering innocents like he massacred her friend. For her blockbuster story with the Enchanted Rock Times, all Laykin needs is a photo of the killer. But the job is far from simple—looks can deceive and her target might be as innocent as he claims.

With Razelle’s henchdemons hot on his heels, Jonah and Laykin flee. Together. On the run with a possible mass-murderer, Laykin must uncover the truth before she loses her story, but more importantly, the shifter she’s grown to love.

Pick up your copy for the low pre-order price of .99! The Shifter's Savior returns to standard pricing on May 4th. Time is limited!

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