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Memories, Besties, and Bad Selfies

I went to visit my best friend this weekend. We've know each other since we were fourteen, we went to the same high school, and we attended the same university.

You could say we have history, and she knows where the bodies are buried (figuratively, of course.)

We visited our alma mater, Miami University, located in Oxford, Ohio. (Miami was a university before Florida was a state, but I digress.)

We tried to commemorate our trek down memory lane by taking selfies at key landmarks.

The art of the selfie eludes us. See below.

We resorted to begging strangers to take our pics, since we couldn't seem to manage it ourselves.

Thank you, random strangers, for allowing us to have memorable photos of our trip.

We ate our favorite foods from our days on campus (behold, the toasted roll!)

We strolled the grounds of our magnificent school. (We have no bias on this matter whatsoever.)

And most of all, we made new memories. (Yes, after an embarrassing amount of tries, we managed to get one okay selfie.)

This may need to be an annual event.

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