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Rings, Rituals, and Rock & Roll--Available for Pre-order!

My next #EnchantedRockImmortals novella, Rings, Rituals, and Rock & Roll: A Love Story releases on May 2, 2023!

(Click for Purchase Link)

She’s wearing the engagement ring.


This time she knows the relationship is as fake as the first time.

They’ll use each other to get what they want, then go their separate ways…unless their love proves as real as the ring and this second chance.

Mage Renee DuBois is on an unsanctioned mission—find the mole threatening her job, her department’s reputation, and her life. Unfortunately, to infiltrate the paranormal entertainment industry and discover the mole’s identity, she not only must reunite with her former fiancé, rock star Derek Kyle, but also once again wear his ring. The fake engagement allows her access to every part of Derek’s celebrity world…backstage passes, dressing rooms, life on the road…everything except his heart.

Derek’s half-siren heritage sang to her soul, but she wasn’t the only one in his thrall. In the past, his rabid fans attacked her, landing her in a med ward, and when the threats begin anew, she’s not sure if this time she’ll survive.

The public may have been fooled by their reunion, but the two can’t lie to themselves. When Renee and Derek reveal to each other their true motives for their engagement-ring reunion, the knowledge will either destroy each other’s hearts, unite these fated mates forever…or they’ll both end up in the morgue.

If you love stories of second chances, fake relationships, fated mates, and a rock-and-roll romance, you’ll love Rings, Rituals, and Rock & Roll: A Love Story.

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