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The Next #EnchantedRockImmortals Release!

My friend and fellow #EnchantedRockImmortals author, Sharla Wylde, has the next book in the series releasing on April 4, 2023!

A Mermaid's Rescue!

(Click Image to Purchase)

Why you want this book:

Everything inside Kitsune shifter Hideo Okamoto screams for him to find his true mate. Prepared to leave his family and beloved island to search far-away locations, he stumbles upon a miracle, a woman washed up on the beach. When he finds she soothes his restless urge and stirs a raging passion, it can only mean one thing—she’s his mate. Now if only she could remember who she is and what brought her to the island’s shores.

In a moment of sheer terror, mermaid Shiri Baros’s ocean swim becomes a nightmare when she is attacked by a pod of killer whales. The brutal assault leaves her barely able to drag her battered, bruised, and bleeding body ashore. While her wounds heal easily, she’s adrift in an unfamiliar land with no memory of her past. All she knows is the ocean is terrifying and the man who rescued her not only makes her feel safe, but also lights a longing in her heart.

When Shiri regains her memory, will her past destroy their fragile love, or will she and Hideo withstand the treacherous tides threatening to tear them apart?

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