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Thoughts on the Author Journey...and the Three Dollar Tree

Behold the three dollar tree. The crape myrtle you see here began as a sad little stick I purchased from the garden section at the end of the growing season. For three dollars, I figured I'd take a chance and see what I could do with little tree's potential.

Obviously, my time, attention, and three dollars paid off. When I see the blooms each summer, I'm thankful I invested in the plant's potential. And this tree's success reminded me of my own long trek on my writing career.

An author's journey to publication varies in length and process, because each person is a unique individual. My path is my own, and 2020 is my year to realize my publication dream.

I've written my entire life--cute, mythology-inspired works in my youth, angsty poetry and journals in my teen years, and short stories and novels into adulthood. Other than my childhood's hand-illustrated pieces, which, sadly, did not survive my family's frequent moves, the rest of the works are best lost to time.

But they all contributed to the journey.

I signed a contract this spring with Champagne Book Group for my first traditionally-published novel. The title will change (because they typically do), but my futuristic time-travel romance is tentatively scheduled for a January 11, 2021 launch. In addition to traditional publication, my #EnchantedRockImmortals team and I will release our inaugural boxed set of novellas on August 4, 2020. My dream is now my reality.

When I began my process toward publication, I was like the sad little stick tree I purchased six years ago.

Today we both bloom.

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