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Twists, Turns, and Telekinetics: A Love Story Releases March 1, 2022

Twists, Turns, and Telekinetics: A Love Story releases March 1, 2022, and marks my seventh book release overall and my sixth #EnchantedRockImmortals release. I enjoyed telling the love story of Erica and Storm and hope you enjoy the read!

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Twists, Turns, and Telekinetics: A Love Story

A mage with a family secret. A love who left. Forced to work together, their sparks reignite, but will he leave her and her family to a dire fate?

Clan Magic Detective Erica Dane will do anything to protect her family. When the paranormal underworld’s most wanted overlord threatens her loved ones, she’s forced to partner with the man who twisted her heart, telekinetic Storm Taylor.

Erica and Storm get thrown into in a centuries-old feud between two fae factions, with her fragile family the bargaining chip caught in the middle of the territorial tempest. The two former lovers must work together to arrest the wrongdoers and save those she loves.

Can she trust him to weather this storm with her and help her save her family, or will he abandon her once again at her darkest hour to face fate’s twists and turns alone?

If you like paranormal magical adventures with a second-chance romance, you’ll love Twists, Turns, and Telekinetics: A Love Story, a novella set in the Enchanted Rock Immortals world.

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