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Unwed, Unfed, and the Undead: A Love Story--Release Day April 6, 2021!

My book baby releases into the wild tomorrow, exclusively through Amazon. Today is the last day to pre-order.

(Click image for purchase link.)

I'm so excited for this release!

A necromancer, a vampire, and zombies--how could this not scream 'romance'?

Here's more:


Clan Magic necromancer Danica Soare would do anything to find her happily-ever-after. When the use of the illegal love charm she’d wrangled from a friend ends in disaster, she’s left facing her dull, dreary existence alone. After giving up on love, a chance encounter with a handsome stranger brings new hope for romance. . . and maybe a change in her pathetic life’s trajectory too.


Vampire Serghei Vasile is everything Danica hungers for—tall, dark, and handsome enough to make a dead woman’s heart once again beat. He seems attracted to her, so what’s the catch? No one loves a necromancer. Can Danica trust his protestations of love, or should she keep her heart safe from the one man who could shatter her hopes for a future with a fairy-tale ending?

The Undead

When Serghei and Danica combine forces to take on a zombie threat, their partnership provides the possible key to eradicating the undead menace. A breach in trust throws their lives and the safety of the entire world into the hands of an undead horde, forcing Danica to make a choice—to live the depressing life before Sergei, or trust in the very vampire who broke her heart.

I hope you enjoy reading Danica's and Serghei's story as much as I enjoyed writing their romance.

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