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Writer's Retreat for One...

After the release of my boxed set, I needed to refill the creative well.

(click graphic for purchase link.)

I'm an extreme introvert, and when the world went into lockdown in 2020, I now had three other people in the house with me at all times. I haven't been alone in my home for more than four hours in over two years.

I love my family, but I needed to do something just for me--be by myself and create. I wanted to work on my next #EnchantedRockImmortals novella and take a few workshops in a location where I could concentrate.

Check. The. Boxes.

I had a great three days at a reasonably priced hotel, complete with microwave, fridge, and what I dubbed 'the orgy tub.'

The orgy tub. Six adults could easily fit.

Why have a tub this large? Is the whole family bathing at the same time? If so, eww. Filling the whole thing for a bath would waste a lot of water, so I showered only.

But enough about the orgy tub. Let's look at the view from my window:

The view from my room through the romantic filter of the sun shining on the glass.

Note the highway. The dumpster. The parking lot. I missed capturing a pic of the occasional plane flying by (complete with noise)--the hotel is near the airport. Breathtaking.

For me, the vista from my window was the most glorious sight ever, because I viewed the scenery BY MYSELF.

I wrote. I rested. I restored my love of learning and writing without a filter. I remembered what it felt like to work without anyone else around.

Best investment ever. I will do this again.

I didn't realize what street the hotel officially was on until I was leaving the area (I came in from a different direction.)

Enchanted Way.

Enchanted, indeed.

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