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A New Boxed Set...With a Deal on an Award Winner!

Coming February 6th, Moonlight, Magic, and Mayhem, Volume II arrives exclusively on Amazon! Get three previously published novellas for the low preorder price of .99!

The regular price of $5.99 applies beginning release day, so get your deal today!

(Click image for link)

Moonlight, Magic, and Mayhem--Volume II

Fall in love with this paranormal romance collection of three previously published Clan Magic novellas from the Enchanted Rock Immortals world:

Twists, Turns, and Telekinetics: A Love Story

A mage with a family secret. A love who left. Forced to work together, their sparks reignite, but can she trust him to weather this storm with her and help her save her family, or will he abandon her once again at her darkest hour to face fate’s twists and turns alone?

Curses, Cats, and Crime: A Love Story

2023 Winner of the PRISM Award for best fantasy, futuristic, and paranormal romance novella.

A witch who needs to talk to the dead. A necromancer friend, firmly in the friend zone, who can help. When he discovers her ghostly guest is a threat, the two must work together to defeat the deadly poltergeist.

While she trusts him to keep her safe from her spectral foe, she learns he harbors secrets of his own. Will she involve herself in his undercover schemes, let go of her first love, and finally trust him with her heart, or will she remain haunted forever?

Aliases, Artifacts, and Attraction: A Love Story

Two mages with secret identities.

Two mages with reasons to hide.

When their real selves are revealed, will the truth tear them apart, or will it lead their entwined fates to love?

If you enjoy paranormal romances with magic, action, fated mates, plus the second-chance romance, secret identities, and friends-to-lovers tropes, you’ll love Moonlight, Magic, and Mayhem—Volume II, a collection of three page-turning Clan Magic novellas from the Enchanted Rock Immortals world.

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