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Another #Enchanted Rock Immortals Novella Releases Tomorrow!

Amanda Reid's next #EnchantedRockImmortals novella, The Fae's Obsession releases tomorrow, and I cannot wait for you to read this amazing story.

Here are the details:


Elf Simon deVrys is assigned his toughest investigation yet, one which could bring down the entire North American Council. Now if he could only pull his thoughts from Talia, the beautiful, snarky woman who’s stolen his heart, he could concentrate on locating the impossible, someone who can gain testimony from the dead. Never in his wildest, hottest dreams does he imagine the object of his obsession holds the key to obtaining the information he needs and to freeing his family from a decades-old threat.

Talia Johnson might’ve left her boring job as NAC Security’s receptionist months ago, since getting yelled at on the daily by obnoxious clan elites sucked. But if she quit, how would she get her regular dose of the scrumptious elf Deputy Director? Obsessed with the gorgeous, fierce fae, Talia holds her own dangerous psychic secret, one other paranormals will kill to obtain.

Can Simon and Talia weather threats from those they should trust the most to find a love beyond obsession?

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