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Celebrating the Spring Season...

Signs of #spring: Blooming flowers, Easter sunrise service, and Peeps.

Yes, I'm one of those people who loves Peeps.

This year's crop of Peeps.

Not only do I love these, but I love them stale. My husband buys them for me a least a month in advance and pops the seal on them so they'll (hopefully) reach the peak point of stale by Easter. These still need a couple of weeks of seasoning.

Peeps and a chocolate bunny not withstanding, I love #spring best of any season and spring means #Easter.

One of the best things about #Easter is our church's sunrise service. To see the sun rise on such a special day is glorious.

Sunrise during this year's #Easter service.

Easter kind of kicks off the season for me. My garden is perking up:

My favorite #Iris plant in my yard.

My floribunda #rose bush.

The yard continues to bloom and green up as the days progress. I'm looking forward to planting the seeds from the packets the Easter bunny provided in my basket.

I'll be hitting the garden centers soon to refill my pots. Gardening provides a way to replenish the creative well for me when the writing gets challenging.

The well is filled, and I'm back to work--the next book arrives May 2, 2023.

Get your copy!

(Click image for purchase link)

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