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March Marches On...

March brings spring and flowers and...another #EnchantedRockImmortals release!

On March 7th, The Fae's Future by Amanda Reid debuts!

(Click image for purchase link)

What you'll discover...

The Fae's Future

What’s more precious than love?

Elf and notorious jewel thief Xavier Roundtree’s sister has been kidnapped by the Underground, a powerful paranormal crime ring. When the best security firm refuses to help, he does the unthinkable—kidnaps their gem of an analyst, “Cheese.’ Shocked by her beauty, confidence, and intelligence, he fights his attraction—his sister’s life is too valuable to be sidetracked by this voluptuous enchantress.

Information analyst and gifted psychic Brie Collins, nicknamed ‘Cheese’ by her coworkers, is happy to help this handsome elf—after all, he’s paying four times her salary and she has her own family problems. Though initially wary of his playboy charm, she soon finds the notorious fae not just an enigma she must solve, but also an irresistible temptation.

Betrayal threatens on all sides in this treacherous world. When each holds the the key to the other’s salvation, can they trust each other to navigate the danger and find their future together, or will their pasts destroy any chance at love?

Get your copy today!

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