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Novella Launch: August 4, 2020

The boxed set of the first four Enchanted Rock Immortals novellas launches August 4, 2020.

Demons and Vampires. Elves and Fairies. Mages and Witches. Werewolves and Dragons.  Psychics and Telekinetics.

These magical beings and more exist, rubbing shoulders in their daily lives with unsuspecting humans. But a society of paranormals doesn’t stay hidden without order. Millenia ago, the Clans—Sanguis, Fae, Magic, Shifter, and Human Paranormal—wisely formed a Council to maintain that order.  The end?  To ensure the worlds of human and paranormal beings didn’t collide and break out into a war that would result in the extermination or subjugation of either. 

As human civilization progressed, the first council formed the All Clan Charter at the natural vortex in Great Zimbabwe, giving each clan a voice in the administration of affairs both between the clans and with humans. Next, Asia formed their council at Chengtu Vortex. Then the Europeans at Warel Chakra Vortex. North America came next at the natural vortex humans called Enchanted Rock, in what today is known as Texas.

Now, thriving communities of paranormal beings exist in and around the granite outcropping. Humans scrabble over the dome, not suspecting an entire city exists within its confines: The North American Council and all its departments—Legislative, Administrative, Security, Medical, Vortex Transportation [what else?], plus restaurants, shops, clan hotels, and clubs.

Also  under that dome? Intrigue, politics, and most importantly, love. These are the stories of The Enchanted Rock Immortals.

Our team, which features authors Amanda Reid, Eve Cole, Susan Person, Robin Lynn, and me, brainstormed this series at a writing retreat well over a year ago. We're excited to share this world with you and hope you enjoy your visit to 'The Rock' as much as we've enjoyed bringing the Enchanted Rock Immortals to life.

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