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On Writing Retreats and My People

Once the four of us were fully vaccinated, we needed to see each other to plan for the future.

Who you see here:

(Left to Right)

  • Robin Lynn

  • Amanda Reid

  • Fenley Grant (moi)

  • Eve Cole

Four out of the six #EnchantedRockImmortals authors.

Susan Person was attending her graduation ceremony (whoo hoo!), receiving her degree in Anthropology (this is her second degree!) Sharla Wylde was unable to get away (boo.)

What we did:

  • Ate

  • Drank

  • Wrote

  • Edited

  • Planned out the 2022 #EnchantedRockImmortals novella rotation of authors

  • Snacked

  • Updated our world-build and character lists

  • Brainstormed

  • Laughed

  • Shared

  • and HUGGED.

Zoom calls are all well and good, but having the opportunity to hug your friend after over a year is priceless.

Love these women.

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