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The Luck of the (Sort of) Irish

Those DNA kits say my mother has a touch of the Irish in her, so I guess I do too. When I say a touch, I mean a tiny, tiny smidgeon of a percent.

Still, I needed to represent.

I wore my only kelly green shirt along with my lucky socks. Childhood memories of being pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day still haunt me.

Anti-pinch gear

My husband, who has much deeper Irish roots (or so says family lore), and I went to the local pub for a pint on the day.

His is the less-full plastic cup o' Guinness.

We had a great time, surrounded by others wearing anti-pinch gear, and celebrating the wee bit of Irish heritage in our genes.

We've actually been to Ireland (on our honeymoon) and would recommend the true Irish experience. While the local pub and my cute socks don't offer the same ambiance, they did spark fond memories of our trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

We'll celebrate our twenty-seventh anniversary in a couple of weeks. Our love story has been a great adventure. Maybe we'll head to Ireland soon to re-experience the magic.

After all, we are a bit Irish.

Aren't we all on St. Patrick's Day?

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