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The Thanksgiving Prep Begins...

When you marry someone, you merge traditions.

My mother-in-law learned this lesson by learning the family dressing recipe. She learned it from her mother-in-law.

I learned it from her.

Don't get me wrong--it's a wonderful dressing recipe--but it takes days to prep all of the components.

Today I cooked the chicken breasts for the broth, deboned the meat/removed the cooked skin, and chopped up the chicken. Yes, the recipe calls for chopped-up chicken. I do this part in advance because I find cleaning up chicken bones and cooked chicken skin a rather repulsive task.

I will smell like cooked chicken all day. I'm very popular with my dogs at the moment.

Wednesday I'll make two kinds of cornbread (one white, one yellow), and I'll chop and then saute the veggies. Thursday I assemble and cook the dressing.

It will be fabulous on Thanksgiving and worth the time spent in prep. I make double the amount I need and freeze the rest for the next holiday.

I'm feeling very accomplished and chef-y.

But also, for this day...I smell like cooked chicken. #ThanksgivingPrep

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