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We experienced something new today in Texas-landia...the weather people termed it Thundersleet.


My neighbor said the word would be a great name for a rock band. I must agree.

My back patio when the Thundersleet began to fall. Note the ice-pellet-y goodness.

Early this morning, the thunderstorm, accompanied by the ping-ping-ping of icy sleet hitting the windowpanes, began. Bizarre.

The dogs give the experience zero stars.

Luca's version of riding out the Thundersleet storm.

The pups weren't keen on doing their business in the icy mess either.

Note the now-melty reluctant dog prints on the ice-covered back patio. These are Lilly's. Luca ventured as far as the nearest planting bed by the patio and peed quicker than I ever thought he could.

The temps aren't rising above freezing, so the ice will visit for awhile. The state of Texas is shut down for the near future.

If you need me, I'll be cuddled up with a book, my dogs, and a hot cup of coffee.

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