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Up for Pre-Order--Of Magic, Love, and Fangs!

The next novella in the #EnchantedRockImmortals series is up for the pre-order price of .99, exclusively on Amazon.

Of Magic, Love, and Fangs is Robin Lynn's first Enchanted Rock Immortals novella and it's worth the wait.

(Click on book cover for purchase link.)

Want to know more? Here's the back cover copy:

It starts with a curse. It starts with revenge. It starts with a kiss...

Alec Laurent’s bad boy ways led him to bed Clan Sanguis’ queen. Spurning the royal mating proposal led to his curse—granting human desires for all eternity. Fighting to free himself of a life of servitude, the demon answers the magical summons, only to find Crystal, a woman as stunning as she is frustratingly kind, someone willing to risk her life to release him from his bondage. With a simple kiss, Alec finds he’ll do anything to protect her from the evil rogue queen and the clan’s king who covets her powers. Alec never dreamed he’d also have to save Crystal from himself.

Crystal Davis is tired of being the nice girl who always finishes last. All she wants is revenge on the cheating ex who shredded her confidence. She never expected the demon-summoning spell to work. Alec is gorgeous, murderous, and believes she carries real magic in her veins. It takes one spell to transform her world, one kiss to change her life, and one moment to shatter her heart. When his clan demands her magic to kill a former queen, she must trust in herself enough to save the very demon she’s come to love and prove nice girls can finish first.

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