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A Post on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the Concept of Giving Back

I attended an amazing goal-setting workshop this weekend (virtually) and we discussed not only WHAT we wanted to accomplish and achieve but WHY we chose those goals. We had to dig deep to think about the why of our choices. Some of my choices reflect on my need to connect, to help, to pay it forward.

I decided to set some goals for giving back, and this quote from Dr. King resonated with me. He was a man who exemplified leadership, faith, and he did the right thing, especially when doing the right thing was difficult. His words and actions are an example to follow.

I'm starting small, but I'm starting. I will give of my time, my resources, and / or my gifts to help others at least once a month, and I will target a specific individual or group as the recipient of my efforts. This month's recipient is our local food pantry--they are desperate for help.

Won't you join me in assisting others?

At this time, when so many are in need (financially, spiritually, educationally, physically, those in need of mental health assistance, and those in need of the simple bare necessities), we could all use the legacy of Dr. King's good works.

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