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A Special Anniversary

All anniversaries are special, but this year is my husband's and my twenty-fifth year of wedded bliss.

Anyone who is or has been married knows not every moment together is blissful, but our good outweighs any not-so-good we've experienced. I'd choose him again in a heartbeat.

One pre-wedding activity however, almost delayed the start.

It began with my bridal portrait.

Growing up in Ohio, I only learned about bridal portraits when we met with the photographer. Our wedding took place in San Antonio, Texas. The custom in this part of the South is to have a mammoth portrait of the bride sitting on an easel, available to view right as you enter the reception area. This means you take the portrait prior to the wedding.

On this particular day, the temp was 20 degrees with a brisk wind, and we were about three weeks away from the wedding.

I managed to get quite sick after the Big Chill and dropped ten pounds in the week before "I do." We feared we might have to delay the day, but I rallied right before. The dress had already been through the final fitting, so the waist felt roomier.

The big swirling train masks the loose fit of the dress.

I remember details of the day as if they happened last week. Yet, twenty-five years, two kids, three states, three houses, and many pets later have elapsed between the big day and now.

I'd do it all again, even the getting sick part, if it meant I spent the last twenty-five years with this guy.

Love you, babe. Here's to at least twenty-five more.

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