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I belong to an accountability group or two and I have an accountability partner.

What is this 'accountability' thing, you ask? It 's where you ask people, usually friends, to keep you on task with goals you set.

My largest accountability group meets once a month. We set goals at the start of the month (on a spreadsheet, no less, with everyone able to see what you said you'd do), then we report on our successes (or lack thereof) at the end of the month. We chip in a dollar a goal, and we draw a winner each month for the pot o' cash. At stake this month was $20.

Our monthly meeting was yesterday. I worked hard to complete my goals, because I didn't want to have to report I didn't complete the three things I said I'd do. I paid three dang dollars for those babies--I had to come through.

So here's to the friends who keep us moving forward, cheering us on when we hit our targets, hugging us when life gets in the way and we don't.

Here are a few of my fellow Omegas (long story about the name of our group) from 2019. We were in New York for a conference. Two of us were on yesterday's accountability call.

May you find your people, too, because they are the best.

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