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Another #ERI Novella Coming Soon...Eve Cole's The Mate Maker!

Available now for pre-order, The Mate Maker arrives September 7, 2021, exclusively on Amazon.

(Click Cover for Purchase Link)

We've watched Grant Knotts, the Mate Maker, find fated mates for it's his turn.

Every soul has a fated connection…

Human paranormal Grant Knotts has channeled his unique ability to find the thread linking soulmates into a thriving business. The Mate Maker guarantee? 100% satisfaction with his services. Then he meets Emily Pen, a smart, beautiful swan shifter who not only has no soul thread, but both intrigues and frustrates him at every turn.

Except for one…

On the brink of starting her own veterinary hospital, Emily Pen’s fiancé betrays her on the night of her bachelorette party. Sure, she’d been harboring doubts about the wretched man, but now she and her burgeoning business are involved in an undercover police operation. And how did the Mate Maker—the annoyingly handsome man who keeps pointing out she has no soulmate—get involved too?

But she knows something he doesn’t…

Grant isn’t the only matchmaker in his family. While she’s discovered who her mate is, she has no intention of telling him.

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