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Available for Pre-Order--Curses, Cats, and Crime: A Love Story!

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Available exclusively through Amazon for the .99 pre-order price, Curses, Cats and Crime: A Love Story releases on July 6, 2021!

This novella is one of my favorites I've ever written.


Read on...

Witch Catherine ‘Cat’ Belladonna has a pesky problem her magic can’t solve—her former fiancé is interfering with her present-day life. She’d confront the secretive man herself, but she can’t directly communicate with him. He’s dead and he’s haunting her—she needs a necromancer. Enter childhood friend Henri Soare.

Necromancer Henri is the antithesis of Cat’s easygoing, deceased beau. Henri is fussy, formal, and definitely in the ‘friend zone,’ despite his hot new look that’s cast a spell on her feminine bits. Only after he agrees to take her case does she learn he’s carried a torch for her since his teens, and he’s out to win her love. This time, he seems determined not to let her wisp away.

When Cat and Henri discover her ghostly guest is a threat, the two must work together to defeat the deadly poltergeist. While Cat trusts Henri to keep her safe from her spectral foe, she learns he harbors secrets of his own. Will she decide to involve herself in his undercover schemes, let go of her first love, and finally trust Henri with her heart, or will she remain a haunted almost-widow forever?

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