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Her Highlander Choice--Available Now

Taryn Bain prepared for every aspect of her mission...except for falling in love.

Today is #HerHighlanderChoice's two week birthday and the celebration continues!

I'm often asked about how I created the Breederworld and the characters, so here are a few FAQs:

Q: Where did you get the idea for the futuristic Breederworld?

A: The book began with a series of 'What If' questions. After observing a person with a penchant for plastic surgery, I wondered, 'What if you could modify your genes to achieve the results plastic surgery currently provides?', 'What if you could turn on and off these genes?', 'What if we modified genes to the point they could no longer be manipulated and the changes became permanent?', and finally, 'What happened to the people who refused to alter their genes?' These questions created the Genetically Enhanced (GEs) and the Repopulators (the Breeders.)

Q: If you were casting the role of Taryn Bain, who would you choose?

A: I hesitate to post these, because readers create their own visuals in their

minds. In my quirky head? A young Emma Stone.

Q: Who would you cast for Ranulf Urquhart?

A: Former Carolina Panthers player Luke Kuechly. Can you blame me?

Q: How about Iona and Fia, Taryn's identical-twin sisters?

A: A young, curly-haired Keri Russell.

Q: How did you envision the domed cities?

A: Domes with geodesic, prismatic panels of thick plexiglass covering the remaining cities.

More about Her Highlander Choice:

She is a fertile woman from an infertile future and her mission is clear: travel to the past, find a 'perfect' partner, and return to her time. Alone. And pregnant. When the father of her unborn child returns with her to the year 2352, their union shakes her matriarchal world.

Taryn Bain's and Ranulf Urquhart's love story spans the centuries and endures their travels through time--from 1400's Scotland to the future EuroAnglica province of the year 2352. Join them on their journey and pick up your copy of Her Highlander Choice today.

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