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Holiday Preparations and the $10 Tree

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

May your holidays be festive--no matter which holiday you celebrate.

I celebrate Christmas, and * raises hand * my name is Fenley I have an ornament obsession.

Every vacation my family and I take, I buy an ornament to commemorate.

My kids each have multiple boxes of ornaments for themselves, because I've bought them a minimum of one per Christmas since they were born.

We've accumulated hundreds of ornaments, each with a story.

Then there are the Disney ornaments. I have two boxes full of the mouse and his friends. Some of our best family memories were spent in Disney parks, so I HAD TO buy more ornaments. The ear-themed orbs threatened to take over the main tree.

So, this year I decided we needed a Disney tree. We had a spare white tree up in the attic, so my husband took it down for me. The tree was no longer white. Texas heat and time turned the 'needles' a lovely sawdust color.

Sawdust does not say 'festive' to me.

The sawdust tree will be out on the curb tomorrow.

We'd had a challenging day and the main thing I'd looked forward to was putting up the Disney tree. I became a woman on a mission--I would find an inexpensive (read: cheap) slim tree for the Disney collection. Online searches yielded nothing. I needed to pick up a couple of things from the store, so I stopped in at a big box place--miracle of miracles, they still had trees. I went to the garden area to see if they had any additional trees available ... and THEY DID. Four display trees, for $10 each. No box, no bag, you had to haul it out fully assembled.

For ten bucks? No problem.

We dragged that sucker to check out and paid fast, in case they changed their minds.

Today I'm setting up my 7-foot-tall $10 tree in my family room, proving what I've always believed--holiday miracles come when you need them most.

(Edited to add a photo of the decorated $10 tree):

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