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Meet the Fur Babies

We love rescue dogs. And really, who doesn't?

These two precious pups are rescues. I'm partial to greyhounds, of any size, so we have Luca, an Italian Greyhound, and Lilly, a full-sized former track Greyhound.

Luca experienced trauma in his early years (before us) and isn't fond of anyone but our family. His bark is definitely worse than his bite, because he weighs 11 pounds and he's lost the majority of his teeth (breed and age-related issue.) He is my snuggler and sits on my lap in the mornings while I drink my coffee. Love this boy.

We adopted Lilly from a local Greyhound rescue group. She ran one race. ONE. Lilly wouldn't leave the box at the race's start. Fortunately, the owner surrendered her immediately to the rescue group and we picked her up. Our win. She's spunky and fast and has one of the scariest barks I've ever heard--our girl can project her voice. Lilly's never met a stranger, though, and will investigate you with a tail wag as soon as you walk in the door. I'm the only one she'll listen to, because she's decided I'm Alpha dog (and she's right.) She's sitting by my side, like she does every day while I work. How would I ever write without her?

Our fur babies are integral members of our family--the kids greet them first when they wake up in the morning (I am NOT Alpha dog to the non-fur babies.) Our dogs keep life interesting and I couldn't imagine our days without them. Unless Luca pees on the carpet. I can do without dog pee.

How about you? Do you have any pets? Tell me about them!

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