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New #EnchantedRockImmortals Novella Release!

Out today--Amanda Reid's next novella, The Demon's Shifter Mate.

Available exclusively on Kindle (and in Kindle Unlimited.)

I can't wait to read this novella. Here's why:

Sometimes you have to break the rules for love...

Calum Stavros is a man who lives by the rules. As North American Council Security Director, he has a whole manual of regulations to fit every situation, including one forbidding relationships between manager and employee. But rules don't seem to apply to the beautiful and brash wolf shifter Chip Foster, on loan to the agency for a sensitive investigation threatening to bring down the Council. She's scented his secret, and now she could bring him down too.

After a grueling case, tracker extraordinaire Moonlight Lily "Chip" Foster should've been sunning herself on a beach, margarita in hand. Instead, she's in a place she never wanted to be--Enchanted Rock, home of the stuffed-shirt bureaucrats, just like straight-laced Director Stavros. Following the rules has never been her style, but if she does, she can continue tracking what seems to be the impossible rose of a fanatic threatening the paranormal world. Now, if only she could keep her nose on the trail, rather than sniffing around the handsome Director...

This is Amanda Reid's second novella in the Enchanted Rock Immortals world. If you love an urban fantasy romance which delivers on action, snark, and undeniable attraction, you'll love Amanda Reid's Enchanted Rock Immortals stories.

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