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News from Enchanted Rock...

I posted last week that Eve Cole's second novella, The Dragon's Phoenix, is up for the preorder price of .99.

Her book releases TOMORROW! And the price goes up too. Grab your copy!

(Click book to link to the Amazon purchase page)

More news from the 'Rock:

My next novella, Witches, Werewolves, and War: A Love Story, is up for preorder!

(Click book to link to the Amazon purchase page)

More about Witches, Werewolves, and War: A Love Story:

Curse her luck.

The case of the stolen Clan Shifter fertility statue is back to jinx Enchanted Rock Security Officer Agatha "Aggie" Belladonna's career once again. The initial investigation earned her a demotion for using a highly-regulated love charm during the take-down of the subject. Except the male wolf shifter was not only innocent, but the heir to a high-level Alpha's pack. Nearly a year later, Clan Shifter still wants her badge over the mistake. New information surfaces on the unsolved burglary, and her boss assigns her to work with the same shifter to look into these new clues. Too bad she couldn't blame a love charm for her inexplicable attraction to the infuriating wolf...

Curse the charm.

What else could explain Rawlins Tunstall's continued hunger for the petite witch? He'd had his life set--next in line to lead the family's pack, satisfying ranch work, and an arranged mate-to-be he'll someday grow to love. His organized future fell apart with the theft of his family's famed fertility statue. Nobody steals from the pack. A tip set him up to be taken down by Officer Belladonna, leaving him with an enduring hunger for the gorgeous investigator, but without his family's prized possession. His pack's hackles are still raised over the loss, and his Alpha insists he monitor new leads in the case, mandating him to work with the very female who has stolen his heart, and threatening the perfect life he's planned.

Clan Magic and Clan Shifter force Aggie and Rawlins to team up and solve the crime. Will the witch and werewolf put aside their differences and solve the mystery of the missing statue...and of their growing mutual attraction? Or will their past problems trigger a war between their Clans?

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