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On Forced Relaxation

I had to have oral surgery last Wednesday--infected formerly root-canaled tooth dealt with by tooth extraction, gum infection clean-out, and bone graft. Now it's a party.

They warned me I would be out of commission for a few days.

I scoffed.

"I've had thirteen teeth pulled prior to this," I said.

"Three of those teeth were pulled by Army dentists unaccustomed to dealing with young children," I said.

"For eight of the teeth, four baby teeth were pulled, the gums opened, and the permanent teeth drilled out," I said. (Archaic way of making room in my small mouth for my large teeth.)

"Novocaine only for all but the wisdom teeth extractions," I said.


They were right. I was out of it, swollen, and in pain. I'm just now able to work, and I still have some swelling (think of the look of novocaine-face, without the numbing benefits.)

So I did what one does during forced rest. I read. May I recommend...

Author Seana Kelly's fabulous Sam Quinn series. I devoured book two in one day (in between meds and naps.)

Another fun pastime? Getting caught up on your binge-watching:

I chose Netflix's Bridgerton series. The series lives up to the hype.

While I'm behind on my scheduled work for the month, I actually appreciated the catch-up on my sleep and my entertainment choices.


I wouldn't recommend oral surgery as the way to achieve this time of rest.

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