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On Time Travel.

One of my favorite authors, Janet Raye Stevens, also writes time travel novels and her first in her series released on Tuesday.

Behold, Beryl Blue, Time Cop!

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Beryl Blue, Time Cop is an amazing book. What you'll find:


It's 2015 and librarian Beryl Blue shelves books in her hometown library. Dull, but after being orphaned and years in foster care, she prefers the mild life.

Until a time cop from the future crash lands in her library with an offer Beryl isn't allowed to refuse—she must stop a rogue time traveler from killing a WWII soldier on leave and changing history forever. If she can't complete the mission, not only is the future screwed, but Beryl's own life will be in jeopardy.

Beryl has questions, lots of questions. Beginning with why she's the only person in all of time who can stop the assassin. She gets no answers as she's quickly whisked to 1943 and stranded there, tasked with keeping Sgt. Tom "Sully" Sullivan safe at all costs.

She soon learns two things: Sully's more than capable of taking care of himself and it's her heart that's in danger. The more time she spends with the sexy, stubborn sergeant, the more she comes to care for him. Beryl's lost everyone she's ever loved and there's no way she's going to open herself to loss again. Best to complete the mission, return to her own time, and never see Sully again. If she can get the job done.

With an assassin on their heels and all of history on her shoulders, Beryl scrambles to figure out how to protect a man who refuses to be protected—and keep her heart intact.

If you love time travel, a sparkling historical romance, tough guys and wisecracking dames, plus a dash of mystery, then this first book in the Beryl Blue, Time Cop adventures through time is for you!

(The first in a series)

Because Janet and I share a mutual-admiration-society type of friendship, she posted about MY time travel novel, Her Highlander Choice, on HER page during the week of her book's release. This is friendship, folks!

(Click to Purchase)

Her Highlander Choice:

Will she do her duty to help save humanity, or will she shake her matriarchal world by listening to her heart?

Taryn Bain, a fertile woman from an infertile future, knows the mission for which she was born is critical to saving humanity—go to fifteenth century Scotland, find a genetically ‘perfect’ male, and return to the year 2352. Alone. And pregnant.

As the leader of the world’s inaugural quest for fresh DNA, she faces many challenges, but the biggest arrives in the form of handsome, infuriating Ranulf ‘Ran’ Urquhart.

Ranulf held the keys to the territory and title of Cromarty, until his father married and brought forth legitimate heirs. Bastard-born Ran’s ruined dreams of lands, legitimacy, and nobility reignite when hope appears in Taryn Bain’s fiery package. If he can win her hand, he could regain all he lost with the birth of his younger brother.

Taryn’s objective is clear, her target a genetically pure male. She shouldn’t care who donates the DNA. Nor should she care she’s deceiving Ran with hopes which can never come true.

After all, love was never part of her mission…

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