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On Vacations and the Souvenir No One Wants

My family took a vacation a couple of weeks ago. We hadn't been on a real vacation since 2017, my husband's company gave the entire organization a full week off (paid), and our kids are moving forward with their own lives--the timing seemed perfect.

It was. We went to Puerto Rico.

Five stars for Puerto Rico as a vacation destination.

El Morro--centuries-old fort. Old San Juan.

We ate great food, we toured all the historical sites, we went to the beach, we visited El Yunque National Park, we kayaked at night, we went to a casino, and we reconnected as a family. Priceless memories.

View of the beach from the hotel's restaurant.

City street view of Old San Juan.

My daughter's allergies flared mid-trip, and we assumed she was allergic to some local plant life.

My son began to feel the same the second-to-last night of our stay.

My husband had an unpleasant plane trip home.

The next day, he took a COVID test.


Next, my son took a test. Positive.

My daughter took one as well. Positive. (We believe, based on timing, our daughter caught the virus either on one of the two plane trips to the island or in the connecting airport. Puerto Rico took a lot more precautions against the spread of COVID than we see at home.)

I took the test.

Negative for COVID.

I was the lone holdout. I even took another test a week later. Negative.

So, my vaccinated and boostered family tested positive and spent a miserable week and a half on the mend and taking meds while in quarantine, while I, also vaccinated and boostered, tested negative and spent the same week and a half in quarantine taking care of sick people.

I do not recommend this vacation souvenir. Zero stars for COVID.

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