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#ReadAcrossAmerica and Alpha's Release Day!

#ReadAcrossAmerica is a day usually affiliated with Dr. Seuss.

Today on my post, I'm highlighting #EnchantedRockImmortals author Eve Cole's Alpha release!

(Click on graphic for purchase link.)


Female Alphas and werewolves and Whiskey and romance abound. Here's what you'll find inside:

Named after her grandfather, wolf shifter Alpha James Sanchez is horrified when she returns home to find her brother missing and members of her pack slain, including the man whose name she carried. Hunting down the Alpha of Alphas responsible didn't prove difficult. But tracking down her brother revealed a more complex issue than she'd anticipated. An even more unexpected complication? The handsome, infuriating human paranormal who may hold the key to finding her sibling.

Jackson Daniels, known by his friends and enemies alike as Whiskey, had one goal for Clan Human Paranormal—track down a missing scientist by investigating the Alpha of Alphas. His paycheck hadn't included a tangle with a meddlesome alpha wolf shifter bent on destroying the man he needed to question. But the gorgeous James Sanchez might be worth any additional risks he must take...

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