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September Posting Challenge

One of my writing chapters challenged us to post themed pieces every day this month.

I've enjoyed the brain exercise and creativity required to meet the posts' needs. Thought I'd share a few of the pieces I crafted so far this month:

The two pics posted are from my Work-In-Progress, Warrior of Eden.

The challenge also asked you to post about yourself, your process, your motivations, best advice you've received, etc. Crafting pieces each day for these posts makes you a bit introspective. What is my process? How do I motivate myself on a Monday? What is the best writing advice I ever received? I've surprised myself with a few of my answers.

(Productivity Advice Piece)

(Best Advice Piece)

(Author Genres Piece)

I'd like to thank my online chapter, From the Heart Romance Writers for the #FTHRW21 challenge this month.

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