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Snow Days in Texas!

#TexasWeather is often weird.

On a Monday, we were in the low 70s.

By Thursday morning, we woke up to this wintry mix:

(Six a.m. view from my front door.)

My dogs were less than thrilled with this new development:

(Note Lilly's hesitant paw prints. Luca walked out the door, turned to look at me, and peed on the patio. He wasn't having it.)

After the icy, wintry mix, the snow came down. This is a rare occurrence in Texas.

(View of the 'hood from my front door.)

We still have a few ice patches, but the rest of the white stuff should melt by today. Thank heaven.

I grew up in the north and I'm quite familiar with snow.

I didn't miss it...and I still refuse to shovel another driveway.

However, my family and I spent time together, we never lost power, and we made the best of being snowed in for a few days. A bright side is always present.

See you later, snow. Much later...

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