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The Best Things About Tuesdays

For most people, Tuesday is a Monday hangover.

I love Tuesdays. Why?

1. Book Club--we (I and two of my author friends) choose a book or a self-study course and we work through it together. We're currently exploring the book Write Naked by Jennifer Probst. For those thinking this is one of those kinds of books, it's not. The true title of the book is Write Naked: A Bestseller's Secrets to Writing Romance & Navigating the Path to Success.

Sometimes we like the book, sometimes we don't (we like this one so far), but we always enjoy each other's company. We end up laughing every Tuesday.

2. Critique Group--I belong to a group called the Southlake Writers Group, which has widened beyond the state of Texas at this point (once COVID hit, we went online and expanded our territory.) This group keeps me sane and improves my work. I'm not sure where I'd be without these people.

The original five members of the Southlake Writers Group. The stars and schedules aligned so we were able to meet last month for dinner for the first time in over two years. From L-R: Jennifer Looft, Nuha Said, me, Jen Geigle Johnson, and Stacy Wells.

Writing is a solitary business. No one else can put the words on the page for you (unless you hire a ghostwriter, but I digress.) It's important to have people around you to support you and lift you when you're down and celebrate you when you're successful. This group does this for me (and so much more.)

So, I celebrate today. Tuesday. My writer friends day.

May you have a spectacular Tuesday too.

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