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The Next #EnchantedRockImmortals Novella Arrives 2-7-23

Eve Cole's next novella, a boxed set of three previously released novellas, arrives February 7, 2023.

Get a great deal on three novellas!

The books in this boxed set:

  • The Dragon's Phoenix

  • Alpha

  • The Mate Maker

(Click image for purchase)

What you'll discover in this boxed set:


Mating is the last thing on phoenix Cameron Gold’s mind. Clan Shifter’s leader has other things to worry about, like Aerie’s missing children and the dragon shifter who stole them. Determined to rescue the young ones, she won’t let the clan’s disbelief sabotage her efforts. Nothing will stop her, especially not her irritating new shadow, Malcolm Draykon.

Awakened from centuries of sleep, dragon shifter Malcolm Draykon is eager to woo his fated mate, even if she has other plans. He won’t let anything keep him from claiming her—not a dragon gone mad, or a phoenix’s ashes.


Named after her grandfather, wolf shifter Alpha James Sanchez is horrified when she returns home to find her brother missing and members of her pack slain, including the man whose name she carried. Hunting down the Alpha of Alphas responsible didn't prove difficult. But tracking down her brother revealed a more complex issue than she'd anticipated. An even more unexpected complication? The handsome, infuriating human paranormal who may hold the key to finding her sibling.

Jackson Daniels, known by his friends and enemies alike as Whiskey, had one goal for Clan Human Paranormal—track down a missing scientist by investigating the Alpha of Alphas. His paycheck hadn't included a tangle with a meddlesome alpha wolf shifter bent on destroying the man he needed to question. But the gorgeous James Sanchez might be worth any additional risks he must take...


Human paranormal Grant Knotts has channeled his unique ability to find the thread linking soulmates into a thriving business. The Mate Maker guarantee? 100% satisfaction with his services. Then he meets Emily Pen, a smart, beautiful swan shifter who not only has no soul thread, but both intrigues and frustrates him at every turn.

On the brink of starting her own veterinary hospital, Emily Pen’s fiancé betrays her on the night of her bachelorette party. Sure, she’d been harboring doubts about the wretched man, but now she and her burgeoning business are involved in an undercover police operation. And how did the Mate Maker—the annoyingly handsome man who keeps pointing out she has no soulmate—get involved too?

Grant isn’t the only matchmaker in his family. While she’s discovered who her mate is, she has no intention of telling him.

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