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This Week...Birthdays and Halloween!

We have a busy week planned in Fenley-land.

Two birthdays--my husband's, on the 28th, and mine, on the 30th. We're not going to talk about which milestone markers these are, but suffice it to say, I'm happy to be here and not happy about the actual number.

There will be cake, which is the important factor.

My daughter's coming in for the weekend to help us celebrate, for which I am thankful. Four of us under one roof is always glorious.

And then we have Halloween on Sunday. The arch went up last night. We have to time this event closer to the actual date of Halloween, because the arch is old and fragile (I feel your pain, arch.) At this point in time, it's held together with duct tape, zip ties, and prayer.

We'll be getting pumpkins to carve this weekend (again, we carve right before Halloween, because Texas hasn't realized it's October and we'll be in the 90s this week. Hot, carved pumpkins look grotesque after a day or two outdoors.)

Candy will be purchased, much will be eaten prior to the trick-or-treaters' arrivals, and a good time will be had by all.

My week is planned, and it will be fun. Hope yours is too!

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