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Weed or Wildflower?

One of my exciting daily duties is to clean up after my pups. This activity involves scouring our vast lands (a little over half an acre) for doggy deposits.

In one section of the yard, these pretty white flowers showed up en masse.

The plant appears to be related to Queen Anne's Lace, but in a smaller form. We'd never had these crop up until after the Texas freeze of 2021 (known affectionately as #snowmaggedon in these parts. We were without power and water over a period of week. The temp dropped to -9 degrees. Texas is not prepared for this level of cold. Our energy grid failed. Enough said about that miserable point in time.)

What struck me about the flowers is how cheerful and pretty they are. I decided to reframe the weed garden and refer to it as a wildflower patch. The blooms are fading, but I've enjoyed them while they've lasted.

Sometimes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take your pleasures where you can find them.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my little dog needs to make a deposit. Perhaps I'll discover another wildflower along the way.

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